MommyEvolve empowers, families through postpartum education and wellness.

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Welcome to Mommy Evolve. We are a maternal equity consulting and wellness company assisting pregnant and post-partum mothers in practicing holistic self-care, intergenerational understanding, healing and growth.

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Services MommyEvolve Offers

  • Group coaching to become a more mindful/conscious parent
  • Personalized one-on-one wellness coaching for perinatal and postpartum moms
  • Connect with like-minded moms in the MommyWellness Circle
  • Learn how to live as the best version of you without sacrificing family or career
  • Guidance on how to read and interpret ancestral messages for healing and transformation
  • Maternal Equity Consulting for organizations and companies seeking to incorporate or offer holistic maternal care to clients/patients/employees

The Evolve the Inner Mother academy is all about empowering today’s mom to reconnect with her essence, receive messages and interpret the path for inner transformation.

Our mission is to nurture, educate, empower and advocate for perinatal/postpartum families on principles of holistic family wellness, culturally competent care and generational holistic wellness by working with healthcare providers to provide the best care for families and reduce the maternal and infant health crisis.

Upcoming Events

MommyEvolve is proud to present The First Annual Maternal Holistic Wellness Day! Happening May 14th, 2022 at the Log Cabin in Edison, NJ.

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Different Resources about how Mommy Evolve Can Help You

Mommy Evolve has several resources to utilize for your ultimate wellness experience

Cecile, founder of MommyEvolve wrote a guide to practicing self-care through the stages of pregnancy and early parenthood. “Mamma, Reclaim YourSelf!” is available now. Pick up your copy by clicking here

Mama, Reclaim Yourself! Self-Care and Mindfulness Cards

 These self-care cards were created for the purpose of an energizing and affirming quick activity to refocus the mind and spirit on wellness. Pick a card a day or per week! Grab your pack today by clicking here

Get to know Mommy Evolve

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MommyEvolve Blog

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Popular blog posts include

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Mindful Morning Meditations

Join MommyEvolve on Clubhouse (Click link or follow @CecileEdwards on the app) for a grounding morning meditation every Saturday through Wednesday.

MommyEvolve is a maternal equity consulting and wellness company. We assist mother’s in practicing holistic self-care and inter-generational understanding and growth. We believe that a well-cared for mother influences healthy child development and growth, families and communities.

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    • Hi Shaquala! Thank you for asking. The short answer is that you are already connected. Your ancestors live through you some of their gifts are expressed. Some of the challenges they lived with are expressed through you. When you listen to your soul’s yearnings you can navigate and heal what needs to be healed and tap into what can become your bounty. There are many ways to do this. There is power in your words and intentions.


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