• Practice mindfulness  

• Practice radical self care/self love and destroy negative generational patterns

• Understand/Heal childhood wounds

• Develop a healthy relationship with their inner child & Inner Mother

• Practice evolved parenting to understand and relate to yourself and children in a powerful way

MommyEvolve assists mother’s in practicing holistic self-care and inter-generational understanding and growth. We believe that a well cared for mother influences healthy child development and growth, families and communities. MommyEvolve is a maternal equity consulting and wellness company.

MISSION: Nurture, educate, empower and advocate for perinatal/postpartum families on principles of holistic family wellness; including culturally competent care and generational holistic wellness. Work with healthcare providers to provide the best care for families and reduce the maternal and infant health crisis.

VISION: To educate and empower 1,000,000 families globally in culturally competent postpartum practices, generational wellness, self-care and mindfulness. 

2 thoughts on “Home

    1. Hi Shaquala! Thank you for asking. The short answer is that you are already connected. Your ancestors live through you some of their gifts are expressed. Some of the challenges they lived with are expressed through you. When you listen to your soul’s yearnings you can navigate and heal what needs to be healed and tap into what can become your bounty. There are many ways to do this. There is power in your words and intentions.


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