Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Motherhood

The conversation on diversity, inclusion and equity must more readily include motherhood. Some mother biases include: single mothers, same sex families, working mothers, stay-at-home mothers. perception of mothers of color parenting styles mothers’ work environment capabilities and options women with one child or multiple children mothers of children with disabilities plus sized mothers – justContinue reading “Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Motherhood”

Self-Care is a Journey – not a destination

I define self-care as the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual care we give ourselves in an integrated way and indefinitely. By this I mean that self-care is not about a one time trip to the mall, hair or nail salon. Self-care is about the intention in that trip, how you feel about life and yourselfContinue reading “Self-Care is a Journey – not a destination”

New Year Resolutions are Actually Self-Care affirmations

Self-Care is always on my resolution list. Happy New Year! Welcome to day 11 of 2019 and day 14 of my personal New Year! While we are celebrating the New Year as a whole, I just celebrated my PERSONAL New Year aka, my birthday, on December 29th and this is the time for ME to reset and revisit myContinue reading “New Year Resolutions are Actually Self-Care affirmations”

The Space Between

Recently I have been thinking heavily on how we acquire knowledge but don’t apply it.  We are all at different stages.  In certain areas in my life, I apply knowledge quickly and indefinitely.  In some areas such as creating boundaries and weight loss – I have a corpus of knowledge that has yet to beContinue reading “The Space Between”

Chakras, Parenting, Self-Care

Understanding our chakras is critical to healing ourselves and understanding many of the challenges and opportunities for self-reflection and growth that parenting presents. This overview is for a more in depth understanding of chakras for a parent who desire to destroy generational cycles and activate sacred self-care. First, Chakras are seven spinning wheels of energyContinue reading “Chakras, Parenting, Self-Care”

For Daughters on Mother’s Day when their Mothering wasn’t enough…..

I get it.  We all love warm and gushy feelings.  It is far easier to discuss the light and feel good things than to peer into the dark or things that make us feel heavy and burdened because we know what to do with the light.  We can pass the light on, keep it shiningContinue reading “For Daughters on Mother’s Day when their Mothering wasn’t enough…..”

Keeping a clean home is not about judgement – it is about staying in your flow and power

Garnering and maintaining energy while keeping up with the many duties that women, specifically busy mothers have to tackle daily can be daunting when the purpose of the duties are for others consumption and perception.  As I grew and became more aware of my power as a woman, mother and manager of my home IContinue reading “Keeping a clean home is not about judgement – it is about staying in your flow and power”

Ways we can “Mother Ourselves”into healing and self love

Mothering ourselves can be a bit tricky to navigate.  First, we have to removed the gendered identity of thinking love is a womanly “soft” love.  Instead we have to think of it as universal, ebb and flow, tough and ease – a dichotomy of emotional stances we must build within ourselves in order to growContinue reading “Ways we can “Mother Ourselves”into healing and self love”


I DON’T Agree with the forgiveness movement.  I advocate honest change in behavior. I’ve seen many phrases going around that posits forgiveness as a healer, a panacea for a victims anger and discontent over what was done.  However, I know better and anyone else who has been slighted, especially by family or friends, knows better.Continue reading “FORGIVENESS?”