1. GROUP COACHING: Our “EVOLVE THE INNER MOTHER” deep self-care healing Intensive covers the key areas healing mind, body and spirit – in this 4 week intensive  you will receive 30  minutes of individualized support each week, schedule your sessions here and access to the online community where stories and information is shared and where you can share on an ongoing basis. This is a self paced course.  Coming soon!

2. SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS and presentations for mental health professionals, parenting groups, women’s groups and youth.  I speak about generational healing and self care infusing history, practical tools and truth to activate participants own inner evolution.  Please contact me via email; $100 per hour

3. Past Life/Self-Care/Guides Readings – Many of us have been on this earth several times before. Our past lives affect us in ways we aren’t even aware of.  Ever have a feeling that just didn’t fit with your overall life experiences?  Been attracted to a place that you don’t understand why that place even fits into your mindset.  These may all be remnants of past life experiences.  In the Past Life Reading hour we go deep with historical knowledge of a past life, how it may affect you, how to evaluate other dimensions of a past life or lives.  These informative sessions greatly serve a deeper understanding of yourself and others. $45 /45mins.

4. INDIVIDUALIZED MENTORING.  The following topics can/will be touched on as needed. $60/60min

Inner child work = Our inner child is always with us and she keeps us either in the moment of trauma we’ve experienced or liberates us and creates a safe space for us to heal, feel full love and transform into a fearless fighter.  Our inner child is often an unhealed space where due to trauma in our childhood we didn’t fully form our understanding of a particular emotion because our growth in that space was stunted.  With this Power Hour you will gain an understanding of your inner child’s basic needs and start to respond to life from the healed inner child and the adult that is in harmony with that inner child as well.

Grieving core generational wounds = We all come to this earth and inherit wounds from our mothers and fathers.  Oftentimes we can not identify them, even when we do identify some, we do not know what to do with them.  This session gives you the ability to identify some of these wounds and continue to identify them, while also empowering you with tools to make changes and support yourself psychologically and emotionally through those changes.  

Pain to pre-eminence = Our pain can stifle and debilitate us.  Particularly for women where society has told us how we should think and act toward our pain.  We are taught we shouldn’t express it, but there are ways to express it and show your crown  In this session we discuss the pain (mental, physical and psychological) that you experience and how to process this pain and turn it into your power.

Mothering from the Heart= Do you struggle with Understanding your Child’s unique gifts? Do you see your child’s mischief as a personal testament to your parenting? This empowerment hour is for mothers who struggle with accepting her daughters way of being and nurturing her gifts or accepting her for what is, even letting go if needed.  You will gain clarity on how to stand in your purpose as a parent.  Also, offer the support your child needs to be her best self.

Mirroring My Mother = Do you want to develop a deeper level of love and compassion for mothers, mothering and even your own mother.  We all have a special place in our hearts for our mothers, sometimes its a painful. This session can assist in your understanding and compassion around mothering, motherhood, the mother concept. This area of healing is critical to self love and self acceptance. What I’ve found is that if we do not understand our mothers, it is difficult for us to understand ourselves.

New Mother – Oftentimes we don’t even know what to look at and consider when we begin mothering. We have a baby and though we think financially and about child care, do we consider the essence of who our child is and what her needs will be, how we have already affected her, what we may pass down to her? This session is for new mothers to gain clarity around their power, purpose and other needs as a new mother.

EMPTY NEST – Far too many women raise their children aside from their deepest values and selves.  We are at a loss for what to do with ourselves when our children leave because we have poured into them so deeply and neglected our essence. 

6. REIKI Distance $40 45 min session; if you live in my area, contact me as I can come to you. I also do reiki at events. 

7. POST PARTUM DOULA CONSULTATIONS; please contact me at to discuss your unique needs. 

Choose the service most suited to you Evolutionary needs. Pay here. SCHEDULE A SESSION HERE