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Self care – mentally, spiritually, physically and generationally is essential to our ability to create and maintain legacy, live life optimally.  We truly can not pour into others from an empty cup.  So let us flow over our cups in order to nourish those who require us and any one else we choose.  Our self care dictates what are able to transfer to our children and how we teach them to relate to themselves.  Through my journey I have used many self- care modalities including water (hot healing baths) and scent therapy (body products that are healthy and smell delicious) each assisting me in developing a relationship of healing within myself.  

Aroma therapy has always been a support for my healing and self care.  To assist you on your journey, I created a unique blend of essential oils that carry you through each stage of the MommyEvolve Healing Journey. 


I use essential oils that lift the spirits – frankincense, patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine, basil, and myrrh smell delicious.  Mom[Me] Time Self Care products allow you to not only smell good but focus on critical aspects of your personal development through scent therapy.  The name of each product is a testament to the benefits of the scents used. 

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Check out our signature hand made in Ghana bracelets which are a testament to your growth and commitment to staying in your magic.  The beautiful colors of the beads will definitely gain confidence and keep you focused on your confidence.  Choose one or both! 

MommyEvolve’s statement Tees are a testament to your journey and commitment to Evolve! These are just a few of our statement designs.

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SelfCare Box

#MommyMagic Box This box includes tools for your self-care and healing needs based on the MommyEvolve holistic healing methods which support you mind, body and spirit.  This box includes: Mom(me)time bath soak  Healing crystal  Affirmations  Mom(me)time candle Mom(me)time energy mist Mommy magic or evolving bracelet Self-Love Soap Each box contains suggestions on how to use the items.