Cecile uses a blend of her gifts and knowledge in reiki, mindfulness coaching, postpartum doula, advocacy, maternal mental health, cultural competency and to assist individuals break through patterns and create a dynamic ability to evolve. Once a Year Cecile takes a cohort of 9 women to walk through her signature coaching program “Evolve the Inner Mother“. During our time together we focus specific areas of healing the mind, body and spirit which include Inner child work, Generational Wounds, Self-care and evolved parenting. Reconnect with your essence, receive messages and interpret your path for inner transformation.

Perinatal and Postpartum Self-Care/Mindfulness/Wellness Coaching

Coaching and Doula services include a self-care plan.  A self-care plan is a personal plan for mind, body, spirit wellness. We focus on an area of your life that needs energy and uplift (objective). In our time together we will craft a plan that includes mental, spiritual, emotional supports. You will be able to get clarity and create a holistic plan to practice more sacred self-care and mindfulness and to energize and evolve you. This is guided by you and once we complete this plan a few times together, you will feel empowered to do it for yourself with ease and grace – and see results!

Postpartum Doula

Drawing on over 15 years as an educator, nanny and postpartum doula, I specialize in assisting families through perinatal care with coaching and preparing for baby via interpersonal relationships, wellness, sibling preparation and resource identification so that you feel as comfortable as possible for the introduction of your new addition to the family.  I also provide wellness coaching for families in the family planning, perinatal and postpartum stages – offering education, advising, resources to enhance overall family connection and wellness which includes values clarification, mindfulness practices (I am a certified Mindfulness Coach and have a certificate in maternal mental health), postpartum plans and techniques/resources.  As a postpartum doula I specialize in culturally competent postpartum care having studied with renowned midwives and doulas from various walks of life.  Services can be conducted online and in-person

Speaking Engagements (Domestic and International)

Topics include: Self-care for mothers/families, energy management, holistic wellness, breaking generational patterns, living your purpose and a passion, generational wealth, postpartum care.
Maternal Equity Consulting draws on my experience as an international and domestic women and children advocate, educator and facilitator.  My work as a Maternal Equity Consultant seeks to bring a holistic perspective to family wellness and employers honoring the needs of families. This service assists organizations (governmental, private, for-profit and non-profit) in maternal inclusiveness through workplace policies, confidential systems for complaint, formulating and regularly communicating gender equality values and physical environment that enhances and promotes wellness for all employees, etc.

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