MOM[ME] Time Self Care Products

Self care – mentally, spiritually, physically and generationally is essential to our ability to manifest desires, care for others and live life optimally.  How we care for ourselves, speak to ourselves and live is also transferred to our children, those children we work with through how we teach them to relate to themselves.  The relationship with ourselves is not only the most important relationship but also foundational to how we relate to and understand others.  I have found that through my journey water (hot healing baths) and scent therapy (body products that are healthy and smell delicious) have assisted me in developing a relationship of healing within myself.  

Essential oils lift the spirits – frankincense, patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine, basil, and myrrh smell delicious and are the base for my line of Mom[Me] Time Self Care products that allow you to not only smell good but focus on critical aspects of your personal development thought scent therapy.  The names of each product says it all.  MANIFEST. RELEASE. 

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