What is Intergenerational Healing and why it starts with you?

Intergenerational healing allows you to:

  • shift conversations in your family and society that have not served you well
  • reclaim your true identity and nurture your soul’s desires without worrying about being judged and shamed
  • create new empowering stories for yourself through emotional and spiritual health and self care
  • improve your understanding of previous generations struggles and well taught lessons to build upon and grow
  • heal mother and father wounds and focus on your souls purpose
  • foster connections with elders and children where understanding and healing can occur

To do this, we must be real and honest with ourselves and examine our observations and needs so that we can be the person to broach the difficult conversations in our families and communities to shift the energy, speak the truths, and most of all parent our children (or if you are childless relate to youth) in an empowered way.  This approach requires a sacred and deep self care that I support you through with:

  • individualized coaching & group coaching classes
  • reiki energy healing
  • past life readings
  • workshops focusing on Self care and healing generations/creating ritual

Through my unique, uplifting, affirming support you will gain the tools to view your current challenges as opportunities for growth.

You will:

  • reframe your relationship with your mother/heal your mother wound
  • re-define the terms mother and mothering to empower you
  • learn how to practice sacred self care and stop over giving, holding yourself back from personal growth
  • learn to fill your self care cup emotionally & spiritually in order to give to others
  • create ritual for yourself and family that improve generational ties
  • parent from an empowered perspective
  • organize your life for greater ease and relaxation
  • recognize and release guilt and shame
  • destroy generational cycles of the family & society that hold you back from EVOLVING

Check out some testimonials from those I’ve worked with here.

INDIVIDUALIZED MENTORING.  In these sessions I cover an array of topics however most specifically;

  • Inner child work
  • Generational wounds
  • Mother wound
  • Sacred/deep self care
  • Spirituality
  • Evolved parenting

These sessions offer powerful tools you will utilize consistently, active listening and the goal of returning you to your highest self which knows what you need best.  Often times it is the return to trusting ourselves that we truly need and I strive to provide this through each session.

GROUP COACHING:  “EVOLVE THE INNER MOTHER” deep self-care healing Intensive covers MommyEvolve’s key focus areas healing mind, body and spirit.  In this 6 week intensive  you will receive:

  • 30  minutes of individualized support each week,
  • a private online community where stories and weekly assignments is shared,
  • group classes each week to discuss assignments, breakthroughs and ask questions 
  • special guests   
  • A book with assignments and info to refer back to as needed

This specially created group course is for women, whether you are a mother or not, and men seeking to redefine their relationship with themselves.  The key areas of focus are:

  • WEEK 1: Facing my childhood hurts
  • WEEK 2: Understanding my mother pain
  • WEEK 3: Processing guilt, shame, anger, grief
  • WEEK 4: Transforming old stories
  • WEEK 5: Forgiveness & Owning your Power
  • WEEK 6: Self care supports that nourish your soul

Reconnect with your self love and self trust! EVOLVE THE INNER MOTHER!


Reiki is an ancient healing art where the attuned practitioner channels the universal life force energy to the client, the client then uses this energy as their intelligent organism (body) sees fit.  Some reported benefits of reiki include:

  • improved sleep (my first times practicing was on myself and I slept like a baby after each session)
  • calmed nerves
  • improves energy to assure daily tasks are completed
  • dissolved energy blocks
  • increased clarity, focus & thinking
  • release stress
  • release ancestral blocks

These are just a few benefits of reiki and is a perfect to include in your self care routine.  Sessions are conducted distance or in person (I can travel to you if you are local). Distance sessions are just as in person sessions.  A pre-session assessment is conducted where details of the process is explained.  Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes in length.  In person sessions include:

  • healing music sounds for better relaxation
  • aromatherapy
  • comfortable table so you can relax
  • pre/post session convo and health assessment

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Our past lives affect us in ways we aren’t even aware: 

  • Ever have a feeling that just didn’t fit with your overall life experiences?  
  • Been attracted to a place that you don’t understand why that place even fits into your mindset
  • Attracted to or repelled by certain people

These are all likely remnants of past life experiences.  Each of us are souls that may have reincarnated this earth hundreds or thousands of times.  With these evolutions we have imprints that we come to this earth with.  We all have missions and lessons to learn.  In these oracle card Past Life Readings I pull nine reiki energy charged cards which can reveal the answer to a question or how your past lives affect a current challenge or areas of growth.  Clients who have gotten this reading gain:

  • clarity around relationship issues
  • understanding of how they’ve created patterns in their lives
  • knowledge of their souls purpose in this incarnation
  • definition of recurring or sporadic dream
  • all clients leave with tips on healing modalities to assist them in releasing patterns that no longer serve them

Past Life readings are another layer of deepening your understanding of your self and your children as getting a reading on your child will greatly assist your ability to nurture their soul.


Postpartum Doulas are critical to a mothers and fathers transition into their new roles as caretakers for children.  Not only do parents prepare to financially and physically support children but also emotionally and spiritually.  We often prepare for the first two however the latter also needs attention.  My unique consultations actually begin pre-birth working through mindset and and a self care routine.  This service can be performed in person or at a distance.  The postpartum doula consultation will:

  • support mom through spiritually and mentally adjusting to new child
  • provide resources for ease transitioning new baby
  • provide spiritual support in understanding your child’s needs
  • pre-birth consultations for preparation of child 
  • nutritional support for new mother and dad
  • consult with dad on how to support mom and himself 
  • reiki support for family

 Each clients consultation includes spirituality, nutrition, herbal remedies, family integration, mental health, which can be done over the phone.  However, in home support is available.



I offer 60 – 90 minute engaging discussion, visual representations, crowd participation and tools that can be used long after the session.  I also bring history, research, science, current events and laughter! 


  • Intergenerational healing conversations (mother wound, motherhood, intergenerational wealth, health, mindset)
  • Sacred spiritual ritual for women and brining these to family and home
  • Self care

I offer practical tools and truth to activate participants own inner evolution.  Events like baby showers, wellness days, conferences, youth conferences, and much more! Contact me via email; for pricing and details.


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