As a woman/mother I have had to work diligently to practice what I call “empowered parenting” and “radical self-care”.  To reclaim your essence and usher your child(ren) to know, trust and use theirs we must dismantle the many layers of expectations from society and family to see the truth – you are  EVOLVING! 

MOMMY, WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE and CREATOR it is time for you to:

• Give voice to the things that you’ve never verbalized to “Honor the Mother within” and activate DNA 

• Improve your health, ideas about finance/ love/how you eat, speak, act, your understanding of the importance of self-care, expectations at work and home 

• Practice radical self care/self love and destroy generational patterns

• Understand/Heal  your mother wound

• Develop a healthy relationship with their inner child

• Create more balance and organization in their mental, spiritual and physical lives

• Practice evolved parenting to understand and relate to yourself and children in a powerful way

What is Intergenerational Healing and why it starts with you?

Intergenerational healing allows you to:

  • shift conversations in your family and society that have not served you well
  • reclaim your true identity and nurture your soul’s desires without worrying about being judged and shamed
  • create new empowering stories for yourself through emotional and spiritual health and self-care
  • improve your understanding of previous generations struggles and well-taught lessons to build upon and grow
  • heal mother and father wounds and focus on your soul’s purpose
  • foster connections with elders and children where understanding and healing can occur.

To do this, we must be real and honest with ourselves and examine our observations and needs so that we can be the person to broach the difficult conversations in our families and communities to shift the energy, speak the truths, and most of all parent our children (or if you are childless relate to youth) in an empowered way.  This approach requires a sacred and deep self-care that I support you through with:

  • individualized coaching & group coaching classes
  • reiki energy healing
  • past life readings
  • workshops focusing on Self-care and healing generations/creating rituals

Through my unique, uplifting, affirming support you will gain the tools to view your current challenges as opportunities for growth.

You will:

  • reframe your relationship with your mother/heal your mother wound
  • re-define the terms mother and mothering to empower you
  • learn how to practice sacred self-care and stop over giving, holding yourself back from personal growth
  • learn to fill your self-care cup emotionally & spiritually in order to give to others
  • create ritual for yourself and family that improve generational ties
  • parent from an empowered perspective
  • organize your life for greater ease and relaxation
  • recognize and release guilt and shame
  • destroy generational cycles of the family & society that hold you back from EVOLVING

Check out some testimonials from those I’ve worked with here.  Schedule services with me here.

I assist women to remember their divinity and practice holistic self care and inter-generational understanding and growth through my workshops, one-to-one or group coaching and e-books.   

Schedule a complimentary sacred self-care strategy session today!

Reconnect with yourself, practice #mommymagic and Evolve into the woman you desire to be!

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