MommyEvolve was conceived with the holistic wellness of women as the center of the movement.  Mind – Body – Spirit – Emotions. 

MOMMY, WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE and CREATOR it is time for you to:

• Give voice to the things that you’ve never verbalized to “Honor the Mother within” and activate DNA 

• Improve your health, ideas about finance/ love/how you eat, speak, act, your understanding of the importance of self-care, expectations at work and home 

• Practice radical self care/self love and destroy generational patterns

• Understand/Heal  your mother wound

• Develop a healthy relationship with their inner child

• Create more balance and organization in their mental, spiritual and physical lives

• Practice evolved parenting to understand and relate to yourself and children in a powerful way

Through my individualized, uplifting, affirming support you will gain the tools to view your current challenges as opportunities for growth.

You will:

  • reframe your relationship with your mother/heal your mother wound
  • re-define the terms mother and mothering to empower you
  • learn to fill your self-care cup emotionally & spiritually in order to give to others
  • create ritual for yourself and family that improve generational ties
  • parent from an empowered perspective
  • organize your life for greater ease and relaxation
  • destroy generational cycles of the family & society that hold you back from EVOLVING

Check out some testimonials from those I’ve worked with here.  Schedule services with me here.

I assist women to remember their divinity and practice holistic self care and inter-generational understanding and growth through my workshops, one-to-one or group coaching and e-books.   

Reconnect with yourself, practice #mommymagic and Evolve into the woman you desire to be!

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