As a woman/mother I have had to work diligently to create sustainable empowered parenting using knowledge of metaphysics and child development and most importantly destroying the negative family, past life and personal patterns I had developed that hindered mine and my family’s development.  In order to do this, I had to dismantle the many layers of expectations from society and family to see the truth of what I am.  I had to give voice to the things that are never verbalized but are inherited through habit and DNA – be it health, ideas about finances, ideas about love, ideas about how we eat, speak, act, our understanding of self-care, what to expect at work and home.  Many women have not had these conversations about unveiling the things we never even knew we needed to consider even before having children of our own.  We don’t know what we don’t know! MommyEvolve was conceived with these inter-generational conversations in mind.  We are committed to holistic self care and inter-generational understanding and growth.  It it time to break the silence and start healing Mother Wounds, Parenting troubles, lack of knowledge of womanhood.  Silence keeps us in bondage.  We must evolve, face our pasts and current challenges in order to create inheritances to pass on including, wholeness, health (in all forms) and internal & external abundance.  

MommyEvolve is committed to assisting women & men in healing the spectrum of generational wounds through renewed action, mind, body and spirit.  We offer  individual & group mentoring, public speaking, past life readings, distance and in person reiki & doula services.  Please see the services page for details.  

A few layers to the work:

***Identifying generational cycles and creating a plan to destroy them!

***Developing a relationship with the inner child. Our inner child needs attention, she is waiting to be used intentionally instead of reacted to.

***Motherhood conversations that are REAL and freeing. This is not your grandmothers version of parent both from a standpoint of being a mother and the relationship you have with your mother.  These conversations are real, raw and unapologetic about societies expectations and the guilt, shame, fears and resentments placed on mothers and walks mothers through how they can combat these.  The other critical piece of the conversation is understanding our own mothers and developing a relationship with her or becoming at peace with whatever dynamic you do have.

***Empowered Parenting aka #MommyMagic

 Our MOTTO is “healing generational wounds, elevating future generations.”

Because once the woman is liberated, so too is everyone she touches.


VISION:  To connect women globally and discuss generational traumas and discover solutions for inter-generational healing.