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Cecile Edwards, founder and creative director grew into her gifts of guiding individuals and families through their evolutionary process due to her personal success through her own process of evolution (which is a continuous process).    Since 2014 Cecile has been engaging mothers around the conversation of mental health, generational wellness, holistic healing, postpartum care – offering tools for a mothers wellness, which impacts family wellness.  She discovered that her interests/studies in history,  international studies, education of women and girls, metaphysics and alternative healing were powerful tools to improve the lives of perinatal/postpartum women and women in all stages of self-improvement and mental wellness.  Cecile is an intuitive, healer, womanist, educator, MENTOR, naturist, business woman, world traveller, farmer, mother and so much more – her values are build on the foundation of nurturing, empowering and educating women.

Cecile has worked with women, young mothers, CHILDREN/youth for over 15 years in many capacities but often as a mentor, educator and coach.  


While at work one day in 2014 I suffered a major panic attack.  I could say it came from nowhere but the truth is I was running on empty for YEARS, not caring for my mind, emotions and spirit.  I worked 3 emotionally draining jobs and was a single parent.  My relationship with the divine was reactive so that when I needed something I asked instead of consistently practicing gratitude and living by my souls truth.  I felt stuck and helpless as a woman and mother because I was not taking responsibility for my life by directing it, but instead allowing the circumstances of what others wanted for me to consume me.  This way of being prior to motherhood consumed me even more deeply as a mother.

The beauty is that I knew there was more and I was always willing to access my higher self irrespective of what tradition, society and family tried to tell me about what they thought I should be, do and have.

As a woman freeing myself from an unexamined existence which included a mother/father/family wound, societal expectations and emotional pain meant releasing the generational baggage so I could see myself – my essence – clearly.   Before noticing this I transferred all the guilt and shame I felt for not meeting societal standards to my parenting which amplified the self-abuse through over/under working, over/under eating, over/under exercising and over judging myself for every decision.  I reconnected with the inner child who was hurt, told she had to be skinnier, lighter, more proper, dress a certain way in order to be appealing, successful and happy. The opportunity to focus on my healing and re-define myself presented itself via the panic attack.  The process is ongoing.  In the meantime, I realized some powerful lessons about motherhood and evolving from within.  MommyEvolve was born in this time because while speaking to other women I realized far too many of us experience these very feelings without an outlet to express our emotions since we are constantly advised that we should “push through” and “be strong”.  I learned to be strong through powerful tools that empowered me as a mother and woman instead of draining my existence.  To evolve you must go through the process of freeing yourself by changing core beliefs.  It is not an easy task – but very worth it!

The MommyEvolve Methods are unique and impactful and will reunite you with your essence, your inner child that may have been lost through all of the “lessons” you’ve learned through the years.  

I am now commanding my household with peace and ease, manifesting my goals and desires, no longer stressed and angry all while living in an empowered space.

I am an educator.  For me this means I enjoy helping people uncover and achieve their desires using tools best suited for their needs.  I do this by asking powerful questions that show you that you are ultimately sovereign.

I am a certified mindfulness and life coach, mindfulness practitioner, reiki master, advocate and  and educator. 

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MommyEvolve assists mothers to EVOLVE THEIR INNER MOTHER and access their divine inner child to live the lives they deserve. 

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