About Me

Founder and CREATIVE DIRECTOR Cecile D. Edwards-Owotoroshe, M.Ed studies history, herself and her family, psychology, she is an intuitive, a healer, womanist, educator, MENTOR, naturist, world traveller, mother, wife – juggling the many tasks of a woman while steadfastly committed to learning her family’s history and that of women across the globe.

She has worked with young mothers CHILDREN/youth for over 10 years, while also continuing to do personal work in unraveling generational knowledge, dismantling misconceptions regarding womanhood and healing in order to move forward and create a better example and legacy for her growing family.

With her unique blend of experiences in education and SOCIAL services she has noticed many adults misunderstanding of youth and many youth lacking respect and love for their fore mothers/fathers.  This inter-generational misunderstanding has the ability to be healed.

She equates the destruction of mother nature to the destruction of our “mothering nature” in that the way that people disrespect mother nature, is the way that womanhood and mothering are also maligned in our current social order.  We must return to our love of nature and mother in order to thrive.  Cecile offers products and services that assist this process.   

MommyEvolve is built on the foundation of assisting mothers in developing knowledge of self, understanding stories and committing to creating new, empowering ones.