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We may think that the spiritual energy requires crazy amounts of work – but it does not! It requires something that we often don’t think to look to until AFTER we achieve. I am here with a simple, 30 minute or less tool for you to stay on track and accumulate/have the spiritual energy to work out issues easily, relax more, trust yourself, and have relationship with your inner divine. What is this tool you ASK?


Did you know that neuroscience shows that gratitude literally reconnects and heals brain cells to make you happier, lower anxiety and depression and promote better sleep. Gratitude is an act of sacred self-care and can literally heal you.

Some of us may say: “I don’t know what to be grateful for!” Or we keep the gratitude statement unspecific(which is ok too). I know that feeling, especially when you are clouded with so many tasks that gratitude is the last thing on your mind.

Trust, me – I get it! The children have endless obligations that pull your time and energy. You have endless work and home obligations too. You don’t have a sense of excitement when completing them – it is just a task that you scrape through on auto pilot.

Well, the truth is, many of the obligations are still going to continue and even grow to deeper commitments (I can teach you how to say “no” without guilt and shame too!). While we don’t want to drown under them, we can shift our perspectives around them.

This is where GRATITUDE comes in! Gratitude has a way of shifting our perspective from worry to personal power! Gratitude is spiritual lubrication – so that any issue we have is just a part of a process of increasing our personal power, ENERGY and capacity whereas thinking about endless obligations – drains us. This is not a bypass of real issues to make you feel better in the moment. This is a spiritual practice that will open up your ability to see deeper and gain more clarity around your daily activities so you do them with more vigor, purpose and energy!

I know that you are busy AND I made it easy for you to easily practice GRATITUDE from where ever you are! The 108 gratitude mantra will put you on the path to generating more energy in your life. You can use your Mala beads (108) to center yourself on gratitude and now you have 108 ways to consider your gratitude! It is a personal talisman to remember and center yourself. 108 is a number of completion. In eastern philosophy and religion it is said that there are 108 paths to the divine.


Please indicate specific Mala you are interested in in description while making payment.


108 Affirmations of Gratitude Recording

Gratitude recording sent to you in via mp4. Recording is not reproducible or shareable.


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