MommyEvolve is NOT only for mothers though I believe when we as women conceive and birth ourselves as MOTHER to source energy we see clearer, achieve greater, and in some way open those pathways in others.

So I ask you: What are you Mother of?  What are you creating and/or destroying through your daily habits and life vision?

Through my training in CBT, Reiki (Level II), and Global Postpartum Doula perspectives I am able to:

  • Assist women in releasing what no longer serves them and unveil their individual magic
  • Help women break patterns and access the many facets of themselves unapologetically and powerfully


You can schedule any of the following services:

  • Reiki (in person or distance)
  • Individual or group mentoring
  • Past Life Readings
  • Postpartum consultations (can be scheduled before[prep for delivery] and after delivery)
  • Speaking Engagements(international and domestic); Topics include: self-care for mothers, energy management, holistic wellness, breaking generational patterns, living your purpose and passion, generational wealth, postpartum care

Please visit here to do so!


Check out my newly publish book “Mommy Magic Handbook: A mother’s Guide to Practicing Self-Care and Destroying Generational Cycles” with activities and vital  information for any woman/mother.

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CIRCLE OF SACRED SISTERS  – MOMMY CIRCLES – Coming to your city soon!

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