Benefits and Testimonies

“I wanted to first of all thank you from my heart for taking the time this week to come to my aid when I was in need. It really meant a lot to me. I’m still not very educated on reiki as far as what it costs or what to expect but I do know that it is about healing. Last year I had a fall on those stairs by myself and the impact left me feeling depressed for a few months. My ancestors pushed me this time and said we don’t have a few months for you to recover, reiki is gonna cut that time short. So I did as I was told and although my body is still healing I definitely woke up with this energetic shift happening. I’ve always had issues with women and not trusting them and so I have the tendency to not open up or speak at all no matter how much I’m suffering. I release that mindset today. I’m thanking you for being the Mother in my life to guide me into this truth.”   –The Queen Ise Anu, Maryland


“I can’t say enough good stuff about working with Cecile. She came into my life at a time when I was searching for answers about my broken relationship with my mother. I knew that I didn’t want to continue to carry around the hurt and pain from my childhood but I also knew that I wanted total healing and closure when it was all said and done. Cecile took the time to get to know me and she truly listened with an open heart and an open mind to my story. She immediately identified the core issues in my situation and helped me focus on the one thing that was causing all of the pain I continued to feel, “the mother wound”. I was blown away by how deeply Cecile related to me and my story. She knew exactly what I was feeling and why I was still dealing with past hurts and traumas that had occurred over a decade ago. I was so relieved to know that I wasn’t alone and that other women had similar upbringings to mine. As a mother myself, my greatest fear was making the same mistakes my mother made in all of her imperfections. I was holding myself to a standard that was basically impossible to meet. Cecile helped me deal with that as well. She helped me see that being perfect was not a requirement for being a mother. She encouraged me to celebrate and acknowledge when I had done something wrong as a mom and to own it as a part of life. To give myself permission to mess up and to be honest with my daughter when I needed to apologize and take a step back to really understand why I was responding and reacting to her in a certain way. Cecile met with me weekly and addressed many important topics as they related to “the mother wound” and how I as a daughter had held my mother to a certain standard that was also impossible for her to meet. After doing some soul searching and deep thinking about my mother’s upbringing and childhood experiences, I was able to see how Cecile was helping me to be more compassionate towards myself and my mom and to see things from my moms perspective as well. For our last session Cecile facilitated a phone intervention between me and my mom. I had not spoken to my mom at that point in over a year. Cecile made both of us feel safe and comfortable to express ourselves and the floodgates of love began to open up. All of the hurt and pain was replaced with understanding and appreciation for one another. Now I talk to my mom once a wee on the phone and we have both began to heal our separate mother wounds together. Thank you so much Cecile. You have truly helped save and restore my relationship with my mother. I highly recommend Cecile to any woman who wants to heal her broken relationship with any woman in her life. I’m so glad I did.”   –Harmony Williams, NJ

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