Mommy Magic Handbook

“[Mommy Magic] calls for women to love themselves fiercely, overriding centuries of perceived powerlessness and second-class status so that we can reclaim our magic and raise our children to recognize theirs.” The Mommy Magic Handbook is a guide to re-centering motherhood through holistic healing and self-elevation. The methods are what the writer have found to be profoundly powerful for her own growth an development while mothering.


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First Ever Guidebook for Motherhood

Re-conception and re-birth of the self before the conception and birth of a child Intergenerational healing through deep self-care

“We often hear that motherhood has no guidebook.  I believe that it does have a guidebook and it lives in each of our hearts, minds, families and cellular history of what we as a family need to heal in order to evolve and grow.  We often think that money is the preparation.  While money is wonderful, what about the mental, spiritual capacities and legacies we are extending to our children.  Do we know what limiting beliefs and ideas we hold and how that may affect our children?  Are we clear on the power of our purpose so we can nurture it within our children?  It is time to mother ourselves so that we can mother future generations effectively and clearly”

This book is for anyone looking to unravel generational stories, those committed to self-growth and consistently evolving.  We tend to think that our growth is evidenced is an accumulation of things.  It is through the accumulation of self-knowledge and the use of that knowledge that we truly accomplish and evolve.  It is our fruit – future generations, legacies – that we conquer.