Mommy evolve started as a way to bring practical solutions, candid conversation, empowerment and community to mothers. Whether you are a single mother, married, or happily co-parenting we as mothers have two important pieces of the parenting puzzle to ensure we manage well. 1. Ourselves 2. Our children. While we hear the adage that “parenting does not have a manual”, and while it doesn’t because each child is unique, there are certain UNIVERSAL knowledge that can be implemented to improve your relationship with your child(ren), reduce stress, and stay balanced. I use professional advice through books and stories and anecdotes, offer real solutions that require mothers to take a good hard look at themselves and the generational wounds that they may carry or unprocessed lessons that restrict them from forming a deep understanding of their role as parent.

Frankly as a parent and teacher I am appalled and tired of hearing adults alienate teens with phrases like “these children these days” “why are they like this?” “my parents would have….if I would have”. While frustrations keep us from recalling our own teen years which most likely caused disturbances and many of the same questions for your parents, we still need to realize that our youth of today are our future doctors, police, firemen/women, lawyers, government workers, fast food servers, actors, directors, etc. We assist them in nurturing that. In addition there are many ailments our children must nurture because WE dropped the ball on work, peace, world hunger, homelessness and poverty, environmental degradation….so who are we really pointing the finger at? Furthermore, Mothers are essential because in US Gallup studies it has been found that teenager see mothers as better understating, best role model and also mostly likely to argue with.   Go figure, but it makes sense because persons that you admire yet that society feels has control may breed contention.

This blog builds a conversation point for parenting and personal development, understanding and community for mothers to gain insight be candid but NOT live in shamed or guilt. I love you all!

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