Mother’s love begins with themselves……

Mother’s are pulled everywhere.  The children, the home, ensuring everything is in order, bills are paid, clothes are laid, beds are made.  This is a cute rhyme but also a busy reality for MANY women who have chosen to be mothers.  Within all of the mayhem of working we often hear women say…..”I DON’T EVEN HAVE TIME FOR MYSELF?”———It is time to shift that mentality.  We hear about self love often but what does self love mean?  Can we say we love ourselves yet run ourselves ragged….can we say we love ourselves and not eat right or exercise?  can we love ourselves and not take time out for connecting and re-connecting with our creator – Great mother – God – Jesus – Buddah or whatever spiritual entity gives you strength and love, unconditionally.  How can we run around, never stop to hear our inner higher selves  yet proclaim love of self?  This is not a quip that is bent on being harsh or making anyone feel bad.  It is a part of what I do which is to get others to think and align, words with deed!  It is how I have gotten through my misalignment, fear, anxiety, etc.  I knew I was not living in my center, in my truth….in fact I realized that I was running on ‘E’ trying to fuel everyone else.   That kind of craziness can only leave you depleted and defeated.  So what does self love look like to me today?  Not worrying to death, meditation, coloring, singing, accepting praise and adoration, DOING what I know is best, only accepting what is best for me and nothing less, sleeping at night, exercising, doing what I said I would if it feels right, not taking on extra responsibilities, activating faith, being around people I love and adore, setting clear boundaries, and not talking bad about myself!  I mean it’s gotten so good that I even dream of myself in better terms…that is how we know it is working!

Self love can take on many forms and processes…..what would self love, authentic self love, look like for you? Whatever it is, start practicing it today.

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