“Mothering Ourselves”

Mothering is truly the highest calling.  Children believe their MOTHER to be GOD.  As they should.  Mommy gives birth, teachers, steers, gives insight, loves unconditionally, is a constant person children want to lean on and is ever present and even omniscient.   However, many mothers feel out of sorts, discouraged, frantic and overwhelmed.  How are there such low feelings in some about such a high position in society?  First, mothers are given so many messages about what they should be by society, i.e., soccer mom, vixen mom, serious mom, push over mom, over bearing mom, just to name a few.  But where is the room for a mother to just “BE” to express her authentic self while pushing through for herself and future generations.  Yes there are periods of frustration, when we mess up, have our shoulda-coulda-woulda’s….but these moments are too often dwelled on and serve as the basis for mother hood.  The “super powers” our children think we have fall short at times but they can and are powerful when mother’s mother themselves.

What does it mean to mother yourself?

In short it means to speak kindly to yourself but speak with truth, power and love.  It means to prioritize yourself because you care so deeply for your spiritual, mental, physical well-being that you refuse to allow anyone to disrespect you (including you).  Just today I was beating myself up about something I ate and realized that beating myself up was negative self talk.  Instead I got on my exercise bike to burn off calories, which made me feel better and gave the cookies I ate no power.  Most importantly it taught me that when I make missteps I can go within to discover why – I learned that oftentimes we do things out of automation, but we can certainly discipline ourselves.  This is a small example of disempowering negative thoughts.  Do you have a plan for self care?  This can include meditation, prayer, cooking, baking, talking to a trusted loved one – all of these are part of mothering self – mothers do and did all these to nurture you.

The powerful impact of mothering self is that you become more free to “be” exactly who you are in the moments when you want to think about who others may want you to be.  The beauty of this is that you in turn teach your children or any youth you impact to learn, know and love themselves….your shoulda-coulda-woulda’s will turn into I did, I am and I will.  It raises your confidence to create because– you are a creator, a master at manifestation and deserve all the bounty life has to offer.

Mommyevolve loves to assist women in learning how to mother themselves, whether you are on a budget or ballin’ you deserve more, they best is yet to come and we assist you in finding it.  Email me at momevolve@gmail.com or info@cecileedwards.com for information on how we can work together and sign up for the newsletter to stay in touch.

I love you,


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