The Power of recognizing the source of your “personality”

Oftentimes we act in ways that are misunderstood, uncomfortable, stagnant, or “perfect” because of what we were taught.  Many things are a result of our upbringing.  Our childhood reflects much of what we are today.  My personal premise is that many people are still operating from their 5-8 year old selves in emotion.  This is not to blame everything on parents, mainly mothers, but instead to allow a conversation and healing to ensue.  I recognize many of the vestiges presented in the article below within myself and what caused it.  Not that I had an unloving mother, however my spirit and energy certainly called for something a little different than what was offered.  But I still chose well because my resilience is why I am here to assist mothers and daughters in their healing journey.  The journey to heal the vestiges of what I considered an unfulfilling mother/daughter relationship have been a journey to heal foundations of my family bond and has allowed me to build new legacies.  I’ve become empowered through the knowledge and ACTIONS towards shifting the realities.  Read the article below and comment:


With Love,



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