Mothering Ourselves for personal liberation and intergenerational healing

Family relations are the basis for how we understand ourselves.  How our family sees us as children is how we learn to see ourselves as adults.  However, it is my contention and mission that when we grow up we must separate ourselves from unhealthy childhood patterns and concepts in order to connect with our true child-like confidence, curiosity and our adult wisdom.  Generational patterns can be passed through us if we do not take the time to reflect on events, acknowledge our intuition around subjects and unveil to the truth of who we are.  When we unveil and honor ourselves and feelings, we enact the ability to Mother Ourselves.  When we Mother Ourselves, we live in our own divinity.

Irrespective of what your past has been, you can change the trajectory of the future. Irrespective of your present, you can change the trajectory of your future.  

Join me in my #MommyMagic: Healing across generations tele-series, where we will discuss subjects such as “The Mother Wound”, why we need to stop sacrificing ourselves to false ideals, How to honor the mother within via our intuition and much more.  During this series we will be empowered to live our lives as mothers of the earth, through learning that mothering ourselves is the first step.

You can register here for all or part of the series.

With love,


Creative Director, MommyEvolve

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