Keeping a clean home is not about judgement – it is about staying in your flow and power

Garnering and maintaining energy while keeping up with the many duties that women, specifically busy mothers have to tackle daily can be daunting when the purpose of the duties are for others consumption and perception.  As I grew and became more aware of my power as a woman, mother and manager of my home I realized how certain ideas that had been ingrained in me about keeping my home clean both helped and hindered my own energy and the energy of my home.  Let me paint the scene:

“Her house is dirty – how is she letting people come to her dirty house”

“She a nasty woman – look at her house”

“Keep your house clean or others will look at you like you are nasty”

We all heard some variation of these statements growing up and more specifically as adults.  In fact, women often struggle after delivery of their child with the idea of their homes not being clean – not from a perspective that a clean home will enhance their energy but from the perspective that they will be looked at unfavorably as a woman for keeping a nasty home.  We must shift the viewpoint with which we filter many of the lessons we learned as women about our value from judgement of our selves to the power of our roles.

Keeping your home clean is essential because a clean home – the primary place of manifestation – is critical to keeping the abundance, clarity and goal accomplishment of the family.   New things (ideas, thoughts, money, etc) can not enter into a space that is already occupied.  Try to think your way into a new place with old thoughts…it won’t be able to manifest because you will have all those old thoughts blocking it.  Same in a closet, you can have many beautiful clothes and shoes but if you do not clean out the closet you won’t even be able to appreciate what is there.  So our elder women who tried to teach us about cleanliness were right, a clean home is critical but less about what people will think about you and more about your synchronicity and awareness of the spiritual energies that are more available to you and can flow through you when you keep your home clean.  You can take this principle to your purse, your body, and your mind.  Your inclination for cleanliness is primordial because as a woman you are of the flow of the energies of the universe and you desire that flow uninhibited.

So consider how your space will be kept clean without the fear of judgement but instead with the expectation of positive energetic flow.  You can achieve a clean space relatively stress free when you expand your options.  Consider having a cleaner come in once a week, solicit help from your mate and child(ren), and/or keep a cleaning schedule.  I keep a cleaning schedule so that I can stay in flow with my desires.  I literally clean and consider my goals and desired manifestations and lifestyle, this is a ritual for your mind, space and spirit.  So I clean the bathrooms on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday so the tubs are always clean and smells good.  I keep the kitchen clean daily and clean the refrigerator/baseboards monthly.  Thirty minutes a day to freshen up the home has kept my sanity and energy flow high.  The invisible mitigating forces that assist us in accomplishing our goals see our diligence and care appreciate it and reward our commitment.  Some call these forces deities, gods/goddesses, spirits, pantheons, etc.  I call them my grace.

My hope is that this gave you a different paradigm to think about your role and power.  I also hope women see that generational stories have power to evolve and sustain or destroy.  Being mindful of the simplest stories, how they’ve affected you and how you process them is critical to your evolution and changing generational patterns.  Our power is in our ritual.

With Love,


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