The Space Between

Recently I have been thinking heavily on how we acquire knowledge but don’t apply it.  We are all at different stages.  In certain areas in my life, I apply knowledge quickly and indefinitely.  In some areas such as creating boundaries and weight loss – I have a corpus of knowledge that has yet to be applied or tried and failed on occasions.

When I first started learning Reiki, for example, the process made so much sense to me.  Something to LIVE rather than study.  However, I struggled with applying it via self-treatments for some time.  The self-focus, intentionality, etc. sounds magnificent – but when that has never been your reality – it can be hard to stay the course in action because your subconscious habits that will urge you to come back and feel comfortable.


I believe the space between application of knowledge and knowledge is comfort and change battling one another for your energy.

That space is both uncomfortable and hopeful and many of us do not know what to do with the swirl of these energies – how to stay grounded in your new conceptualization of self and life – while wanting to remove yourself from the old.

With all I know I still feel uncomfortable in this space.  Now, however, through many trials, successes, failures, recommitting, loving myself more deeply, speaking my truth, meeting new people, and learning to see life as a journey and adventure – I see that this space between is essential to sharpen our axe, sharpen our wisdom, give us more material to destroy negative cycles and unveil our gifts.  As a postpartum doula, mentor and coach, I hope space here for women constantly.  I realize it is a common space that is okay to be in.  It hearkens to the beauty that we have a choice.

I have also learned that while in this space take time to think about your thoughts – the fancy word used by educators and therapists is metacognition or cognitive therapy.  When you think about what you think and ask yourself enough questions via mental exercise or – even better – journal, you can get to the root of why you are doing the things you do and consider alternatives to those thoughts and actions so you can choose better.

Besides thinking about what you are thinking in this “space between” you can also:

  • see a therapist
  • see a life coach certified in Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • see a hypnotist for psychotherapy sessions
  • talk to a wise elder
  • read books about people who have overcome your current issue

The point here is that you do not have to get lost in the space between who you were and where you want to be, you do not have to bow to consistent restarting of a process because of lack of discipline, or worse you do not have to believe you are incapable of receiving or achieving what you desire and never even try.

Let the space between, with all it’s darkness be the space where you find your highest self instead of become stagnant.

With Love,

Cecile Edwards



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