New Year Resolutions are Actually Self-Care affirmations

Self-Care is always on my resolution list.

Happy New Year! Welcome to day 11 of 2019 and day 14 of my personal New Year!

While we are celebrating the New Year as a whole, I just celebrated my PERSONAL New Year aka, my birthday, on December 29th and this is the time for ME to reset and revisit my year.  

Self-Care is the critical piece of my ALL my resolutions because as I define in my book, self-care is the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual work we do to heal ourselves daily.  Every intention we set, every word we utter, every thought we think is either taking us away from wellness or adding to our wellness.  Therefore, our self-care is integral to our well-being on all levels and the foundation for our goals/resolutions/intentions. 

I realize that in 2018 I did some amazing things! I spoke at conferences, started a podcast, nurtured postpartum doula/mentoring clients, took some amazing courses, healed my spirit and some relationships deeply, lost some relationships, traveled to new places and so much more.

All of these were goals/intentions I started 2018 with and I nurtured my mind, body, spirit and actions to achieve them! This year, my focus is on even DEEPER self-care by challenging myself to go higher and cross into uncharted territories.  This includes: wealth building, creating legacy, deepening relationships I already have while creating healthier ones, more travel, more uninterrupted self-focus with unapologetic self-intimacy.  (I am smiling so hard when I write this because I know it will all manifest and sustain). I remember not believing my desires could manifest and honestly this is the only difference between those who practice unapologetic and sacred self-care and those who don’t – BELIEF. 

So I would urge you, no matter where you are in your self-care and healing journey to celebrate every mental, spiritual, emotional win as wider ability to BELIEVE in yourself and what you can create for yourself and future generations.

To help you through,  here are some tools you can use to build a new routine and perspective around self-care:

– create a power word for the week, month, year, day to help you refocus on your self-care.  Mine is JOY and femininity.
– carve out a self-care day each week to spend time with yourself to reflect.  I started implementing Sunday’s from 12pm to the next morning as mine and it has been marvelous!
– journal – journaling helps you to focus and also creates accountability and allows you to see how far you’ve come

If you or anyone you know needs accountability with their self-care goals schedule an appointment

Stay tuned for MommyEvolve online courses in Energy Awareness and Mothering, Self-Care for Mothers, and Menarche preparation and nurturing – to name a few. 

Let this year and every year be your best and continuously BUILD!

With Love,

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