Hey there beautiful mommies and daughters,

I salute you – all day everyday for what you do, how you do it and your continued fight for yourself and/or your current and future children.

I’ve been asked the question.  What is a generational curse?  I wanted to clear it up and give examples that are beneficial to you identifying them and their destructive patterns.  As we all have things that plague us that we are working to unravel and give and cease and desist order to, sometimes it’s difficult to spot the things that are most troubling to our existence – literally.  Oftentimes these are the things we inherited and know that there is something off about them, but refuse to challenge them because our family and/or community did it and still does it – so it is believed to be the law.  Here is my definition of generational curses:  patterns in thoughts and actions that are repeated over a course of generations that keeps and individual, family and community from living its highest potential in any area of life – financial, health, spiritual, emotional, education, etc.

These patterns lower the overall individual and familial vibration and if left unchecked or under analyzed can destabilize an individual or family, leaving future generations without the tools to tackle the subjects that are most relevant to their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual survival. There are some generational curses that some of us have accepted as a universal truth for our lives. This is the danger of these patterns.  Oftentimes generational curses were handed to us as a survival mechanism. For instance, eat poor quality foods, was something many had to do to survive – unfortunately that survival mechanism persisted over many generations as rule and law.  Many times we will see current generations manifesting this in poor health, overeating, over or underweight, and general lack of awareness of the necessities of their bodies for optimal functioning.  Another example are families that had to work hard for everything and for others and are now dis-empowered from considering the thought that they are abundant in their gifts and can access wealth through entrepreneurship.  Or what we commonly see is people grossly overworked and lacking in confidence in their ability to create something else for their lives. Think sharecropping and slavery as an event that has generational psychological manifestations in how we think, act and perceive ourselves and our wealth.  Other curses are depression, low-self worth, poverty, and fear.  Our families pass these on to us in the subtlest of ways and so it is difficult to identify and call out of the shadows for its proper analysis and release.

Oftentimes certain these negative lessons are passed down to us through our mothers and therefore we miss the opportunity to evolve because doing something against our mothers’ holy words and deeds would seem like betrayal.  It is not easy to unravel what you’ve been taught from the womb.  However we are in an age of awakening and people are seeing that there are patterns that are holding them back from accessing their highest potentials and if left unchecked devalues their bloodline.  The most resistance comes up from challenging these because the support system you have (family) is the very system you are retaliating against.  We know that “old habits can die hard”.  We create excuses as to why it may be easier to just maintain where we are.  However when you consider it how do these generational habits really serve you?

So….what are the generational curses you can identify?  How have they affected you?  Who else in your family blood line perpetuated these symptoms and how did they handle it?  Finally, consider what you are losing out on by holding on to these patterns. Consider what you can gain when you release them.

A whole world of possibility awaits your decision to do something different to and for yourself.  It is not easy, but the support is available. Please visit to schedule a free assessment where we will discover how we can start to dismantle those patterns together.


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