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Great day my loves.  It is always a great day to speak money, mindset and mommies making moves.  I have to get real here.  I am intelligent, quick witted and full of creative ideas.  However, I, like many can get caught in the mindset that wealth evades me.  The reason for this is simply – mindset.  I did say I have many skills and talents, besides making wonderful line of MomMeTime Products, MommyEvolve also has many services all of which I created from my essence and talents!  Yet because the wealth I envision has not manifested in the forms I want yet, I call myself unwealthy or am afraid to spend money or think about what I spend so much that it cancels out the blessing and energy of what I just spent.  Yes, you heard me very correctly.  This is not a signal or sign from GOD that you should go out and spend all the money you have…..but it is a clear expression that when you spend money on yourself and then worry about the idea that you spent it – you are telling the universe energy that you don’t like spending money on yourself.  Too many of us do it. Instead of standing in our power, knowing we are wealthy, we loath paying bills, consider money usage as spending instead of circulating and worry about money negatively all the time. Well, these are some of the things I am doing to clear up my money mindset:

  1. Intentionally spend money on myself each time I get paid.  Literally.  Each and every time.  No matter what.  I get something I like….a crystal, some essential oils, some lipstick, my favorite food, a shirt that is pretty, etc. In this way, I feel good about making $$$ because I see it supports me for the better.
  2. I’ve learned through my years that I have to be impeccable with my words.  Because I grew up hearing it, I used to always say “i’m Broke” “Im poor” “I don’t have any money”….those words are filled with a negative spin on how we see money and ourselves.  Now – I say, “I am wealthy”  “I circulate money” “I am worthy of the best” ….because what you place behind the ” I AM” my loves, is most profound for your abundance.
  3. I started to pay myself first not just buying things but saving and investing.  10% minimum – no matter where that money comes from.  I command the money, it does not command me. It works for me!

I know that as mothers, with so much on our minds to pay for and to do, we often forget that we create our lives.  We feel disempowered by all of the obligations, but I am here to tell you that you both empowering and empowered.  You are empowered and capable of turning your financial situation around, just by how you think about it.  So speak life into your situation and also do the work.  BE INTENTIONAL.  THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO AND DO. CREATE MORE.  TALK to people about your talents and what you do. LEARN. Never accept something as it just is.   There is always more to the story.  Accept what you want and know you can have, and nothing less!

One of the best things about me is my love of learning. I will literally learn about anything! My journey to understand epigenetics and past life knowledge has done wonders in my understanding of why shifting my mindset now and changing my energy around things that have plagued my family generationally, such as money and wealth, can cause great shifts for mine and my child’s future.  I also understand that remnants of our past lives need to be understood and properly cleared – if necessary – in order for us to live powerfully.  An area of MommyEvolve is understanding our past lives and our generational curses so that we can heal from them of course.   Check out what I have going on with MommyEvolve in those areas.  Connect with me:

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2 responses to “Money, Mindset, Mommy”

  1. I normally say, ” I’m rich in love and Spirit” instead of the B word.


  2. I agree wholeheartedly. Change your words, change your reality. :-)…we all need constant reminders.


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