For Daughters on Mother’s Day when their Mothering wasn’t enough…..

I get it.  We all love warm and gushy feelings.  It is far easier to discuss the light and feel good things than to peer into the dark or things that make us feel heavy and burdened because we know what to do with the light.  We can pass the light on, keep it shining and make it even more beautiful if we can. But what about the darkness and heavy feeling topics.  Should they be ignored, unexplored, or forgotten.  After all we wouldn’t even know light if not for darkness.  Technically – Scientifically – the light can not exist without the dark.  Why then do we avoid dark topics?  Especially around those people, places and things that we are oftentimes told we MUST admire because the infallibility of them we perceive based on the character we assume they must possess due to them performing basic deeds and acts.  So if someone donates to charity we assume they are a charitable person.  If someone points out they donated for a tax break we may jump down their throats with all kinds of retorts.  A conversation around the plausibility of their statement isn’t even allowed.  It seems that we may allow positive assumptions around a positive role but shirk negative ones.  But this seems to have it’s limits to certain people.  We may love our family irrespective of their imperfections – but we would not do the same for a described […]

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